Published and on the way

  1. Self-perceived safety and psychosocial work environment amongst Danish dockworkers IMH 2019;70(3):171–179.
  2. Mental and Physical Health,Working Environment of Icelandic Fishermen 2021.
  3. Global Occupational Health Research Methods Education MethodsX 8July 2021
  4. Well-being among French fisheries and maritime students study GHQ12 data 2021
  5. Le bien-être des étudiants pêcheurs et maritimes GHQ12 2021
  6. Psychological Distress in Venezuelan, Thai, French, Spanish maritime students
  7. Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire(NMQ) n=101Port workers 2022
  8. Port workers visit to medical clinics 2022
  9. Port workers drug/alc test 2022
  10. Early diagnosis of T2DM at the medical examinations using Hb1Ac test 2022
  11. Review of occpational allergic diseases in the harvesting fishing industry
  12. Rethinking the use of urine dipstick for the early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

Support for Student's Thesis (data, supervision, education)

1 GHQ12

2 Safety climate

3. Ergonomic Nordic Muskuloskeletal Questionnaire

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