Work and School Surveys

Stress among students is well known but few studies have evaluated the stress among maritime students. The General Health Questionnaire GHQ12 surveys in the maritime schools completes part of the diagnostics of a global mental health program at the schools and workplaces, also related to the WHO program: The WHO health promoting school-framework for improving the health and well being Objectives To evaluate the well-being of the maritime students and the evaluation of the precautions taken by the maritime schools. See the Links below to the standard Questionnaires and Protocols

Standard Protocols

Safety commitment and safe behavior are still vital to ensure a safe working environment. Safety Climate on board ships has been done by the Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire-50. The objective of the study is to explore what factors might influence the reporting of hazardous situations in fishing/seafaring/off-shore/dock-work The factors on both the individual (work experience, position) and company/organizational level (company size, safety climate) will be studied. 

Standard Questionaries

Musculoskeletal problems exist in all jobs inclusive the maritime occupations, seafaring, fishing, stevedores and repeated studies of these diseases and complaints is highly relevant. Oct 2020 the European Union launched a campaign for musculoskeletal problems at the workplaces for all types of jobs so this part of the studies completes the EU strategy. The protocol aims for the completion of the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire(NMQ) cross-sectional studies in the MAHRE-Net in various countries and jobs.