Research Education

Diploma 1: Education in Health research methodology - 3-6 months 150-300 hours. The purpose is to provide the students with the necessary tools to understand and apply health research results in daily. This to maintain a high professional level and ensure an updated and evidence-based prevention and treatment. This is also basis for learning evidence-based health prevention in the next step and for their thesis. The relevant SDG17 goals for occupational health included. Courses is given for free to interested students online.

Diploma 2: Education in Occupational Health Research Methodology, 6-9 months 600 hours work. The students work on a scientific basis, learned in Diploma 1. The program includes the scientific study of the four main topics of the main international occupational health strategy: Mental health, Ergonomics, Safety, cardiovascular disesaes and cancer. The students will pick up their new knowledge from the scientific articles so the students must seek knowledge in the specific areas in the articles and write the chapters of their own evidence-based textbook in maritime health prevention and research.

Diploma 3: Education in Writing a Scientific Article /Thesis 6-12 months 300-600 hours. Writing a thesis is the compulsory final part of all postgraduate educations for candidates or postgraduate master's degrees. This step runs over 6-12 months and having completed Diploma 1-2, the students are well trained in using the literature and writing a thesis that can be structured like a scientific article and published. It is based on your own data from your research project or secondary data from another side.